End of line solutions & palletizing cells are typically the automated processes that the product must pass through after product has been packaged for consumer use. Case inspection/sortation, robotic palletizing & pallet handling systems can be deployed as stand alone solutions or as features of a centralized palletizing cell. Options like tier sheet handling or AGV/AMR interface help connect the warehouse to the factory floor autonomously.

Red Lines
Robotic Centralized Palletizing System
Centralized Palletizer

Centralized palletizing allows end users to maximize efficiency and consolidate operations in a large footprint that handles multiple lines of input & output positions. Palletizing cells of this style typically have the product infeed, diversion, production staging & palletizing integrated into a single cell that is run by a common controls system. Ancillary features like tier sheet handling, stretch wrapping & pallet handling systems are shared by all palletizing stations with supervisory controls to dynamically balance work to be performed.

End of Line Solution

Case filling, check weighing, label application, and case sealing inline rejection are some of the processes included in this type of solution. Most end-of-line solutions have some combination of these features together to transfer the consumer product through to the logistics & supply chain.


Palletizing solutions typically require additional equipment to connect manufacturing processes to logistics & warehousing. These options are integrated as part of the palletizing solution as they're modifying the load on the pallet. Automated tier sheet handling, inline automatic pallet wrapping, print & apply labelers, 1D & 2D barcode inspection, or AGV interface points complement the process flow of product exiting the palletizing area.

Standalone Palletizer

Standalone palletizers or decentralized palletizers are dedicated cells for 1-2 case lines that could be feeding 1-3 pallet positions with a single robot. These styles of palletizers are often deployed for lower throughput systems or where footprint is a limitation.

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