ProVantage designs & builds machinery for many industries but specializes in custom packaging machines that offer high speed & accuracy features that are catered to the customer's needs. Our custom machinery is often driven with coordinated servo axis to offer a high speed motion to meet production requirements. Past solutions also include high speed assembly, multi-part inspection & barcode validation.

Red Lines
Consumer Packaging Goods

Custom packaging machinery designed for unique applications that require ultimate flexibilty in terms of product size, range, speed, and grade change. Solutions may include bottle filling, pouch filling, labeling, weigh and insertion stations, inspection, inline reject.

Diverting & Metering

Solutions range from new machinery to retrofits in the form of Servo pack diverters, Servo Choke Belts, inline reject systems, inline weighing belts and many more.

Blending, Dosing and Dispensing

Solutions include standalone or centralized dry ingredient dosing equipment to meet customer specific needs. Solutions like auger driven or pneumatic transfer can be optimized based on footprint, distances or explosive zone ratings required for the customer's facility. Loss or gain of weight options available based on production needs

Paper Container

We have developed high speed assembly machines for the paper container industry with multiple axis of coordinated motion. All custom machines are built to specific customer needs but experience in this customized space can be applied to many industries. Other integratred components like vision or quality inspection can be deployed to meet all production requirements in the custom machinery space.

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