Custom-designed safety systems developed and approved by our own in-house TUV Functional Safety Engineers. Ideal for rugged and heavy industry environments like paper mills. Customization is available for any layout, and any environment.

Red Lines
Custom Guarding

Heavy-duty guarding will outlast any catalogpurchased item. Options include servo & pneumaticpowered access doors, railway gates, tool access doors, egress doors, solid and mesh panels, and many other configurations.

Hydraulic & Pneumatic Monitoring

SIL3, SIL4 PLd, we can design the appropriate level of protection and monitoring for hydraulic and pneumatic protection.

Safety Devices

Interlocked access doors and trapped key untis with dual channel monitoring, Light curtains for high frequency access zones, locking & nonlocking door switches, and area scanners are all common.

Safety PLC

Allen-Bradley GuardLogix is our preferred safety controller. We have over 100 Safety PLC installations completed.

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