Large Drives and Coordinated Servo Motion are what set us apart from other Systems Integrators and custom machine builders. Our team of designers and engineers will size a solution specific to your application to eliminate legacy hardware, improve operator safety and increase overall line speed.

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Coordinated Servo Motion

ProVs team of Controls Engineers and Mechanical Engineers have the experience to design and size the any multi-axis servo system customized for your complex application. Our team has commissioning well over 1000 axis' of motion with systems comprising of over 30 coordinated axis on 1 machine.

Drive Systems

Supplying new MCC or replacement of legacy AC or DC drive cabinets? We can do the cabinets, motors, encoders, electrical and mechanical design, installation, commissioning. CIP motion, Torque Control and Vector Drive and Positioning Drives ranging from 20hp to 500hp.

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