Dynamic Guarding

ProVantage is capable of designing fully customized guarding systems to the client's standard(s) of choice. Depending on access and operational requirements, this may include mesh fixed or removeable fencing, interlocked pedestrian doors, automated servo doors and gates, railway gates, light curtains, safety laser scanners and more. These safety systems are seamlessly integrated with the machine to ensure safe interaction with the operator, while minimizing operational impact.

Controls Safety Upgrade

New or upgraded control systems allow for increased safety monitoring and interface to Operators and Maintenance personnel. The extensive use of Safety PLC for overreaching control of machine and safety increases safety category while allowing for more clear process and safety feedback. Upgraded control systems can be entire machine controls replacement including Sectional drives, PLC and I/O, sensors, Operator Interface, motors, and other actuations, or as simple as a stand-alone guarding PLC interfaced to existing control system. In addition to safety controls, additional mechanical solutions may be added to eliminate suspended loads or trapped energy by adding locking catches or mechanisms as a secondary means of safety. These are customized for each machine section to eliminate the hazard during regular or maintenance access.

Electrical controls may include addition of safety contactors to eliminate high-voltage hazards such as existing drives, or more extensive safe-off controls added to or replacing existing systems.

Pneumatic safety can be achieved by proper segregation of pneumatic energy by functional zone. Where possible, pneumatic energy can be cut and monitored prior to allowing entry into each zone by safety rated dump valves. This is interfaced to the safety PLC for control and monitoring.

Hydraulic safety can be achieved by safety monitored valves to confirm spool posion as well as safety blocking valves added directly to cylinders thus eliminating the possibility of a single failure causing a safety incident. These are also interfaced to the safety PLC for control and monitiring.

Safety Systems Solutions

Most production lines or work cells are typically a culmination of hardware from multiple suppliers & custom features to tie all the features together. An additional layer of support provided by the team at ProVantage is an all-encompassing safety solution that meets all workplace safety requirements by integrating all the assets on the control level. Whether it's a creative deployment of area scanners or through safety rated zoning by the robot controller, the solution is entirely customizable. ProVantage will develop a custom safety solution based on a third party assessment, these solutions are design to maximize throughput while maintaining the highest levels of safety.

Dedicated robot safety zoning, collaborative robot applications,
safety speed monitoring.

Safety Devices
Light Curtains & area scanners allow for creative zoning
safety solutions without the hinderance of additional physical barriers.

Safety PLC
Ease of integration with other safety devices, zero speed monitoring,
safe motion control integration.