Data Management & Supervisory Control

Data is becoming the keystone in driving effective decision making and the defining value in asset allocation and management it validates a course of action before embarking on the actions. The combination of data science , decision making and asset management leads to optimal asset based decisions and pr escriptive asset management programs which result in increasing efficiency, reducing waste, real-time response and maximizing value.
ProVantage offers control options for our customers, giving them access to their operations from a supervisory perspective. We implement and provide controls that monitor, record and produce reports outlining performance, highlight concerns, and provide the reports you need to ensure you are meeting the maximum efficiency potential of your operations. ProV antage also works with your data and your existing systems to maximize the value that you can extract from your data and empower you to make informed decisions.
Line Integration is crucial to the operation and overall efficiency of any production line. There are some important factors which need to be considered when integrating a line , including : available floor space, required throughput speeds, proper spacing between machines, future expansion and work flow of the p roduction . ProVantage incorporates years of experience integrating packaging lines coupled with our unique components to make each integration a success.
Integration of the packaging line will start with a site visit and a comprehensive review of the packaging suite. Using the information obtained from the site visit, ProVantage will engineer a system to meet the production requirements and allow for proper work flow in your facility.

Data Validation & Processing

All plants generate data. A ccurate data is of key importance as it forms the foundation on which you can build other more advanced services. Data provides situation awareness and is a window into the system, the process. ProVantage provides instant, accurate and accessible data to serve as the foundation of your decision making

Line Integration

Asset Optimization

Optimizing asset performance is the science of attaining the maximum performance and lifetime from each component within the facility. ProV antage- designed data solutions provide validated and accurate data which is key to optimizing equipment effectiveness , line productivity and plant performance resulting in overall increased profitability .



Synchronizing discrete and analog process lines using plantwide communications has the benefit of informing other systems such as maintenance and inventory management to eliminate process issues that could arise during run time. Effective and validated data systems, including supervisory controls can significantly improve profitability compared with Ad-Hoc systems and stand-alone controls



Validated plantwide data that is available anywhere in the plant coupled with advanced HMI capabilities assists operators and technicians by providing custom production monitoring and system troubleshooting in addition to safety circuit analysis, predictive maintenance parameters and auto-classified downtime events.

Inventory Management & Forecasting

Inventory management is a systematic approach to sourcing, storing, and buying or selling inventory. Knowing the volume of raw materials required based on accurate data and production schedules is essential and can be used to maintain inventory levels.  Balancing warehouse space can often be a challenge, especially with unscheduled breakdowns or inaccurate consumption data. ProVantage designed inventory management and material handling systems streamlinand organize process resulting in accurate data which leads to efficiency and savings across the business. 

Maintenance Programs

Corrective maintenance is a daily plant occurrence, with teams of technicians working to ensure that processes start running again.  For some assets, maintenance is performed before a breakdown occurs but does not always completely extract the useful life of assets.

Predictive maintenance relies upon periodic monitoring of asset conditions to recognize the signs of failure and to implement maintenance before the failure occurs.  Whether shorter or longer than a preventative maintenance period, it is thought to more effectively capitalize on useful life.

Prescriptive maintenance builds on this and uses machine learning algorithms to recognize patterns in data and provide recommendations for resolution, all before breakdown occurs.

ProVantage empowers end users by facilitating validated and accurate data on which to base these programs and works with you and your existing systems to ensure the implementation and effectiveness of maintenance programs. 

Custom Reporting & Visualization

Data management is about understanding the needs of both the data producers and consumers.  Just as there are many sources of data within the organization, there are also many consumers of data – and they each wish to see different data and visualize it in their own way. ProVantage develops custom reporting and visualization that caters to all data consumers and provides a window to the plant floor. Analytics can be compiled and sent to all corners of the organization with custom formatting to support all levels of the organization.